Where to dive around Racha Island

Racha Yai island is surrounded by beautiful hard coral reefs. Dive sites are mostly sloping walls going down to 20-30 meters and are filled with aquatic life. Currents are mild and it is a perfect place to learn scuba diving or a good option for a certified diver to do easy and relaxing drift dives.

Racha Noi is the next island south and offers one of the richest soft coral reefs in Thailand. Aquatic life is similar to Racha Yai’s dive sites though at Racha Noi divers are more likely to see bigger fish and Manta Rays. The drawback of these pristine dive sites is very strong currents and they are only for the more experienced divers. During full moon and new moon the tidal change is biggest (=strongest currents) and during those times it is not possible to dive at Racha Noi.

Dives on the east coast are subject to minimal current, have clear water, and support a good variety of marine life. Dives on the west coast consist mostly of granite rocks, sparse coral growth, invertebrates, and a good variety of reef fish. All levels of divers can go scuba diving at Racha Yai Island.