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During 2008 Scuba Cat diving took part in monitoring in the Similans on Island 9ís dive site of Breakfast Bend as part of the year of the reef. During that time we completed 12 surveys with the important information being submitted to the relevant authorities.

Reef Check at Racha Yai

Scuba cat has working with international schools from across Asia to promote reef awareness through reef check. A school from China has participated in the reef check for 5 years along with our team to monitor the growth and health of the coral at transacts on Racha Yai island. Results from the surveys have been submitted to Reef Check so they can monitor the situation over long time periods. This is part of our ongoing commitment to Project Reef Check and its world wide long term study of coral reefs.

Find out more about Reef Check.

Reef Balls at Racha Yai

Scuba Cat Diving, phuket, Thailand met with Todd Barber, founder of the Reef Ball Foundation at the ADEX show in May 2001 at Kuala Lumpur and detailed our sinking of Marla’s Mystery near an existing heavily damaged reef at Racha Yai This has proven to be an excellent opportunity for reef regeneration and is already a spectacular dive site. Read more on Reef Balls.

Reef Check

Project AWARE Foundation Environmental Achievement Award 2006

Scuba Cat Diving, Phuket, Thailand has recently been announced as a recipient of the prestigious Project AWARE Foundation Environmental Achievement Award for 2006. This is the first time that a Phuket company has been honored with this status.

See Scubacat on the Project Aware website. Scuba Cat Diving, Phuket, Thailand is an active Go Eco Centre.

Go Eco Phuket

In 2012 Go Eco Phuket was founded by the dive centers in the area with the idea to come together and work on reef ecosystems local to our area.

In conjunction with PADI in September 2012 Scuba Cat joined together with other dive centers to participate in the largest reef clean up to have taken place at that time. Scuba Cat donated 3 boats to this project. MV Scuba Adventure went out with 14 volunteers from the local international school BIS. They were allocated Racha Noi for the 2 days and went on to collect debris and also undertake shark awareness classes on board.

MV Scuba Fun was also out on the day at Racha Noi with many of the staff and volunteers collecting debris, whilst MV Scuba Sport was hosting the Thai government officials at Racha Yai.

At the end of the day a total of more than 15 tones of rubbish were collected by the 14 boats and 500+ divers who took part in the world record event.

Since then Go eco has held annual large clean up events and smaller local events which Scuba Cat actively joins in.

2013ís event saw 11 boats and 4.7 tones of rubbish collected on the day.

Read more about our clean up events in the Project Aware blog site.