DSAT Gas Blender - Nitrox/Trimix

This course covers how a compressor works, how to fill a tank with enriched air using different methods of enriching the mix and touching on oxygen cleaning.

This course is valuable to technical instructors or any instructor for that matter want to blend their own tanks!

During this course you'll also learn how to use the software that can calculate how much O2 needs to be added to make a blend, without trying to remember your formula's.

There is plenty of self study on this course as there is a lot of area's that you will cover as well as Trimix Blending and rolling tanks to insure a successful mix.

A very interesting course that covers how a scuba tank looks in the inside and what it's subjected to! You will never look at a scuba tank the same way again!

Costs and whats included

DSAT / PADI Nitrox Blender ƒ6,500 Baht (1 Day)
Includes: Gas Blender Manual including Gas Mix Calculator

DSAT / PADI Trimix Blender 9,000 Baht (1 Day extra)

Compared with most "dive centers" in Thailand (a lot of them is just a web