Career Internships, Phuket, Thailand


Scuba Cat Diving has offered Scuba Diving Internships for more than a decade in Phuket, Thailand. As a 5 Star CDC (Career Development Center) we offer the most complete internships in the region. Our Internship programs do not only cover the PADI Divemaster or Instructor courses but also Recreational or Technical Diving.

Scuba Cat Diving, 5 * CDC Center, Phuket, Thailand has two PADI Course Directors one of whom is a resident at Scuba Cat Diving. Scuba Cat Diving is a winner of many PADI AWARDS related to his PADI IDCs and Instructor Training.

Scuba Divers

Scuba Cat Diving Phuket, Thailand has its own fleet of boats, two day/half day trips boats and one liveaboard. For this reason we can offer you unlimited Scuba Diving with our internship programs.

You have different options for these programs, which depend if you are a non-diver or if you already have a certification. We have 6 different packages to propose you. We offer All-Inclusive packages! There are no hidden charges. We include up to 6 months of comfortable accommodation, unlimited diving, liveaboard experience, all PADI fees, all your course materials and a full-set of diving equipment from your first day. Plus you will gain valuable know-how along the way from our team of experienced instructors.

In all the options we propose, if you already have one of the certifications or one of the pieces of equipment, these will be discounted of the total price.

Accommodation and Equipment options.

Recreational Internship

Master Scuba Diver

The PADI MSD (Master Scuba Diver) is the highest PADI Recreational diving certification in the PADI system of diver education. You get this rating after you successfully complete PADI Open Water, PADI Advanced Open Water, EFR, Rescue Diver and 5 PADI Specialty Diver Courses.


Professional Internships

1. PADI Divemaster Internship

This Internship will get you to the first leadership level in the PADI professional ladder. With this level you will qualified to organize the logistics for certified divers, guide certified divers, assist Instructors, teach scuba reviews, skin diving and a whole lot more.

2. Instructor Internship

This Internship can permit you to be fully operational in new career in diving. This internship program will train towards your instructor level and will get you ready for your career in diving.

Instructor Training

3. PADI Instructor Training Internship

With this program you do not need any experience in diving. We will take you up to PADI Instructor level. If you have ever dreamt about becoming an Instructor and work in a tropical island, this is your package. The PADI Instructor package will prepare you to be active in the dive industry.

4. PADI Speciality Instructor MSDT and IDC Staff Instructor Internships

As a PADI CDC (Career Development Center) Scuba Cat Diving, Phuket, Thailand offers further education in your career in diving. We offer the PADI Speciality Instructor, PADI MSDT (Master Scuba Diver Trainer) and the PADI IDC Staff courses as internships.

5. Rebreather Tec Deep and Trimix Internships

Technical diving comes with some of the most rewarding experiences in diving; At Scuba Cat Diving, Phuket, Thailand we have a long history in rebreathers and technical diving.

For more information see the complete list of internships, our PDF or visit our Downloads Page.

Internship Instructors