Liveaboards, Phuket, Thailand

MV Scuba Cat

MV Scuba Cat is one of the most spacious liveaboard boats in the Andaman Ocean. It has 3 decks including a huge sundeck with beds and hammocks for the rest time between dives. During the High season she is based in the Similan Islands and in Green season she is based at Racha Yai Island.

Similan Islands

The Similans offers some of the best diving in Thailand and the cat moves up and down the islands week by week. She is based out there from November until May and you can decide which day you want to arrive and leave and so can decide how many days you will spend in this idyllic marine park.
The islands and beaches of the Similans are the ideal picture postcard with perfect white sand beaches surrounded by turquoise water, with huge granite boulders and forest to complete the scenery.
Underwater it also does not disappoint. There is a wide variety of sites ranging from fantastic coral reefs, to massive boulders with swim throughs, marine life ranges from the small and beautiful to the large and spectacular.


Racha Yai

At Racha Yai we moor the boat on the east coast of the island opposite one of the largest beaches on the island. Here in the calm and turquoise water there is ample opportunity to go snorkelling whenever you want.
We are the only liveaboard based at the island so offer some un crowded fantastic early morning, late afternoon and night dives, where the marine life is more abundant than normal.
Wherever you join Scuba cat you will find it a relaxing and spacious boat, with a helpful crew, informative guides and fantastic food.

MV Scuba Adventure

With MV Scuba Adventure you will enjoy the personal touch to your liveaboard. She heads out alternately in the winter season to the north and then south Andaman. The trips can be combined to allow you to see the best Thailand has to offer with diving.



Similans, Koh Bon, Koh Tachai and Richelieu Rock

The Similans are a fantastic place to wake up on the first morning of your trip, with clear turquoise water, white sand beaches, full forest’s and enormous boulders. The topography is varied underwater too, with gentle sloping reefs on the east side and massive boulders formations on the west and tips of the islands.

After one day diving here you move north to Koh Bon, the limestone island with a hole through it, here in the right season the dives can be filled with Manta rays.

Further north again to the amazing Koh Tachai, with a huge white sand beach, the most northern part of the Similan islands. The diving is varied here with submerged plateaus to beautiful reefs.

The highlight of the trip is Richelieu Rock, this submerged pinnacle close to the Myanmar boarder offers fantastic diving, with many schooling fish, larger pelagic and delicate small creatures that are not found at the rest of the dive sites.

Amazing scenery with fantastic diving.

 Hin Deang and Hin Mueng

Often called the Similans of the south these two dive sites offer spectacular diving.  The red and purple rock as the translated names mean are only dive able from Liveaboards and MV Scuba Adventure offers these sites weekly, they can be combined with a North Andaman trip in the winter season.

The only part of the dive area visible from the surface is three small pinnacles erupting from Hin Deang, so you have little preparation for what lies below the surface. They are only a few hundred meters apart, but you could not see both sites without at least two dives here.

On board MV Scuba Adventure you will be thoroughly briefed about the currents and sites, so you can get the best from the area with its colours, marine life and scenery.

Due to plankton being readily produced here, and currents attracting them manta rays, devil rays and whale sharks are often seen here. But even without the larger life the reefs and boulders offer some unusual critters, such as the leafy scorpion fish and ornate ghost pipefish.

 Koh Phi Phi and Koh Ha

In the Summer season we offer trips to the islands of Phi Phi and Koh Ha, where diving is colourful and exciting.
Phi Phi has the amazing Bida dives, the two small rock islands at the south of Phi Phi Ley. These have sheer walls covered in soft corals and sea fans.

Turtles, schooling jacks and barracuda are common around here, but many divers come to see the sleeping leopard sharks in the sand and the fast moving black tip reef sharks in the shallow water that the site is famous for.

Koh Ha is a group of 5 islands to the south of Phi Phi, which is only usually dived from liveaboards, so offers uncrowded dives. The islands are limestone rocks that stick out of the sea, with one small sandy beach.

Here the rock formations carry on underwater and offer some of the best swim throughs in the area. The chimney, has many swim throughs all over the site where the boulders rest on each other, but is named after the vertical swim through from 16m to 5m.

The Cathedral is also aptly named; underwater the rock faces covered in colourful soft corals lead to a big cave with swim throughs. Although the cave is not dark and does not go more than 5m back from the entrance this is not what give it the name. The cave actually breaks the surface inside the island leading to the unusual site name.


Racha Noi and Racha Yai

Racha Yai and Noi are sister islands o the south of Phuket, which offer some of the best visibility in the green season.


Racha Yai is the bigger and closer of the islands and has many dive sites including three wreck dives. Some unusual things such as sea grass pipefish or hand frogfish can be seen there.

Racha Noi is about an hour further south and the topography here closely resembles Similans. There are huge boulder formations with swim throughs and pinnacles at the north and south tips of the island, which attract some of the larger pelagic marine life. On the east side of the island there is the easier sloping reefs that contain schooling barracuda and giant puffers.