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The PADI Seal Team is for young divers who are looking for an action-packed, adventurous program filled with exciting scuba "AquaMissions."

Have you ever wondered what it's like to dive with flashlights, take pictures underwater or float effortlessly like an Astronaut? If you have, this is your chance to explore these exciting adventures in a swimming pool.

PADI Seal Team

What do you need to start?

  • Minimum age: 8 years old
  • A completed and signed PADI Discover Scuba program statement
  • The desire to have a lot of fun
  • Listening to the instructor who's going to lead you on your adventure

What will you do?

When you get right down to it - the PADI Seal Team program is just plain cool! Designed for young divers (kids eight and older), this exciting new program is built around action-packed AquaMissions!

What's an AquaMission? It's an underwater pool adventure where kids learn scuba activities.



Supported by a video, manual and logbook, the PADI Seal Team program is broken into two parts. Part one, AquaMissions 1 - 5, teaches kids the basics of diving - things like buoyancy control, mask clearing, regulator recovery, etc. After building a solid foundation of scuba skills, kids move on to part two.

Part two is full of Speciality AquaMissions. These cool dives teach kids different scuba activities. Here's a list of the Speciality AquaMissions:

  • Creature ID Specialist.
  • Environmental Specialist.
  • Inner Space Specialist.
  • Navigation Specialist.
  • Night Specialist.
  • Safety Specialist.
  • Search & Recover Specialist.
  • Skin Diver Specialist.
  • Snapshot Specialist.
  • Wreck Specialist.


Take AquaMission: Inner Space Specialist for example, here kids learn how to float underwater like an Astronaut.

And AquaMission: Snapshot Specialist, this is where PADI Seal Team members take pictures of each other scuba diving.

As you can see, PADI Seals get to sample a wide variety of dives. And the best part of the Speciality AquaMissions, they reinforce save diving skills while the kids are having fun. Get involved today - pool diving has never been this adventurous!

What's included in the course?

At Scuba Cat, all our scuba diving certification courses include manuals and free scuba diving equipment rental.

 For the Seal Team program you'll receive the PADI Seal Team Manual, log book and video.

Upon successful completion of the first 5 Aqua Missions, students become a PADI Seal Team members

Upon successful completion of 10 additional specialty Aqua Missions, students become Master Seal Team members. In addition we teach all of our diver level courses in small groups to ensure that you receive the attention that you deserve. All our courses are taught to PADI Standards.


How Much Will PADI Seal Team Program cost?

Section 1 : Aqua Missions 1 – 5 – 5,000 Baht

Section 2 : Speciality Aqua missions 

                  from 1000 Baht per Speciality