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Technical Diving

Technical diving comes with some of the most rewarding experiences in diving, We at Scuba Cat Diving, Phuket, Thailand have a long history in technical diving.

At Scuba Cat Diving, Phuket, Thailand our instructors are available for guidance for the duration of your stay assisting you with your self study and helping you reach your goals.

Generally our courses are run on our liveaboard MV Scuba Cat. During high season MV Scuba Cat is in the Similans and during the Summer MV Scuba Cat is moored at Racha Yai This experience will have you Eating, Sleeping and Breathing technical diving without distractions. Like anything you do in life the best way to learn is to surround yourself in what you are doing, creating an enjoyable and memorable experience.

PADI DSAT Discover Tec

If you are thinking about technical diving but aren't sure, DSAT Discover Tec lets you try technical diving equipment and procedures. Discover Tec experiences can also credit towards the DSAT Apprentice Tec Diver or Tec Deep Diver courses.


Mark Ellyatt a technical dive instructor based at Scuba Cat Diving Phuket, Thailand achieved the deepest ever solo scuba dive recorded on Thursday 18 December 2003. At 6.30pm local time, Mark surfaced from the 313m (1032ft) dive and broke another barrier by completing the dive without any decompression illness symptoms. The conditions on the surface were described as perfect at the divesite almost 35 miles west of Phuket in the Andaman Sea.


PADI DSAT Tec Diver Level One Course

If you're interested in technical diving, but haven't yet met the prerequisites for the DSAT Tec Deep Diver Learn to make gas switch, extended no-decompression dives using air and enriched air to 40 metres. You will learn the skills and planning necessary for when you move onto full decompression diving during the Tec Deep Diver course. Ideal for those who donít have the time to complete the full Tec Deep Diver course or still need to meet some of the prerequisites - you can complete an upgrade course at any time to become a Tec Deep Diver. Start your Tec Diver Level One course today.


Duration: 7 Day

Cost: 45,000 Baht

DSAT Tec Deep is the Foundation level of technical diving building theory and practical knowledge in which further education is based upon. You'll learn about advanced nitrox and the benefits of decompressing on oxygen enrichments above 40% and how the body reacts to high levels of oxygen exposure. You'll cover how important deep stops are and other topics like Calculating gas requirements and oxygen exposure for CNS and Pulmonary levels.

DSAT/PADI Trimix Diver

Duration: 5 days diving - 7 dives, excl. Helium

Cost: 50,000 Baht

DSAT Tec Trimix course is the pinnacle certification for diving to serious depths. The course depth at the end of the course is 75 meters, but with more experience and time there are no depth limits!


I would love to do some tech training with Vince next low season.


PADI Rebreather Course - Drager Dolphin

Duration: 2 days/3 dives

Cost: 25,000 Baht

The Rebreather Course is Technically a PADI course, but we like our technical instructors to teach the course. With their experience working in the recompression chamber they can teach you the benefits of breathing enriched air at depth and what problems that might occur when too much CO2 is in your breathing loop.