Summer Season Specials, Scuba Cat Diving

June to September

Visit Phuket, Thailand during the Summer Season for fantastic savings on liveaboards and courses.

For the past fifteen years during Green Season, Scuba Cat Diving, Phuket, Thailand has moored our Similan liveaboard, MV Scuba Cat, in a beautiful, sheltered cove at Racha Yai Island, just over an hour south of Phuket. The location was chosen to offer convenient and safe access to a number of beautiful diving and snorkeling sites on the calm, protected east side of the island. Operating in such an ideal location allows us to offer a number of special diving opportunities:

MV Scuba Cat

the best available PADI Diver training, participating in PADI Project Aware artificial reef enhancement and Reef Check surveys, great opportunities of underwater photography and simply the most convenient and relaxing diving in the Phuket area.

How Much Does It Cost?

Number of Days Number of Dives Price per Diver
1 day 2 3,200 Baht
2 Days/1 Night 7 7,200 Baht
Extra Day +5 4,000 Baht

Our top rated PADI 5 STAR CDC Center has a unique and very special offer during Green Season - you are able to incorporate a liveaboard trip into your course onboard MV Scuba Cat, providing the opportunity to really “live” diving as well as making extra dives for more experience and enjoyment.
The PADI MSD (Master Scuba Diver) is the highest PADI Recreational diving certification in the PADI system of diver education. You get this rating after you successfully complete PADI Open Water, PADI Advanced Open Water, EFR, Rescue Diver and 5 PADI Specialty Diver Courses.


In November 2000 Scuba Cat Diving, Phuket, Thailand sunk a steel boat at Racha Yai to provide the base of an artificial reef. “Marla’s Mystery” has become a superb dive site and training location literally teeming with fish. Our staff is continuing to enhance this reef with the addition of concrete blocks and Reef Balls. In recent years two more Wrecks have been sunk to also create artifical reefs. The projects are intended to attract tourists and take pressure off natural dive sites. The steel and wooden structures are being rapidly colonized by young coral and schools of marine life.
Racha Yai, Phuket, Thailand itself is a beautiful island to explore and is the most beautiful during Green Season. There are quiet walking trails leading to powdery white sand beaches with few or no others in sight. This is a wonderful place for a few days of fun and relaxation. Our other liveaboard MV Scuba Adventure cruises around the Southern Islands of Thailand for scheduled liveaboard trips.

Instructor Training

Summer Season

South-west monsoon wind affecting Phuket and Andaman Sea from mid-June until late September. Wind and waves striking the west coast of Thailand and surrounding islands. East sides of the islands are sheltered and calm.

This is the season of the true tropical paradise of our dreams.

Weather is unpredictable and varies between sunny and flat calm to heavy rains and strong south westerly winds.

Weather is GOOD or better 60% of the days. Our day trips historically cancel only one or two days each season due to weather, while liveaboards very occasionally have departures delayed by a day.

Conditions on Phuket Island tend to be cloudier due to effect of large hills; usually much sunnier away from Phuket.

Why Visit Phuket, Thailand at this time of year

Airfares and hotel prices are significantly (half) less than the traditional High Season.

Phuket operates at a slower, more relaxed and friendlier pace. Less traffic, easy parking, rentals at half price.

Diving is very good and in some cases better than the High Season. This is especially true for our PADI Diver Education.

Want to continue your PADI Education? Click here for our Summer Season Course Specials.